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Servicii – Protetică dentară

Dental prosthetics


A healthy smile is a right, not a privilege


Dental prosthetic treatments maintain the correct functioning of the bite, by replacing the teeth that can no longer be saved and rehabilitating the dental arches. They give the patient the comfort of feeling at ease, of being able to consume his favorite foods without risk and the freedom to smile around the loved ones.

Assistance in the right decisions, from the first visit

Whether it is ceramic veneers, dental crowns, metal-ceramic or zirconium, our specialists assist you to make the best decision. You can talk directly to the technician who will carry out the final work, in order to better understand all the stages.

Durability is the guarantee of quality

The satisfaction of a job well done is reflected in a long lasting result. One of our priorities is to teach our patients how to maintain a work in optimal conditions.
It is important for people to practice a correct hygiene, according to the indications, but also to periodically carry out a professional sanitization. In addition, for two years after the work is carried out, they benefit from free of charge in case of any problems that may arise.

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