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An impressive response for complete edentation

Because normal dental implant procedures may require a lot of time for treatment and healing, modern dentistry has worked hard to provide a cure for complete edentation which is not only easy to apply, but also fast enough. Through this modern implant system, you can get your dentures restored with the help of 4 or 6 implants. 

30 years later it has been known to show exceptional results among patients between the ages of 40 and 80. 

What you need to know is that this method is supposed to be fast and functional. But if you’re looking for major aesthetic changes, Fast&Fixed may not be the ideal choice. Fast&Fixed does not rely on bone addition and it is not suitable for very complex situations. Patients can choose Fast&Fixed alongside other restorations and some cosmetic services for a much more spectacular outcome. 

What makes you eligible for Fast&Fixed treatment?


Mainly, you have to provide enough bone in the frontal regions of the upper and lower jaw, so that a minimum of 4 implants can be inserted, otherwise this procedure is not possible. If the bone suffers from severe atrophy, it cannot be compensated through these kinds of restorations. Mobile restorations fixed on individual implants are adequate in such cases, which would unfortunately make certain patients unsuitable for Fast&Fixed implants. 

Prices for Fast&Fixed implants

  • Upper jaw – 6 implants + temporary dentures: 4650€

  • Lower jaw – 4 implants + temporary dentures: 3350€

  • Final procedure: starting from 2000€, depending on the materials used

*These costs are valid if no bone addition is required. Costs may vary depending on treatment personalization. 

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