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Servicii – Dental technique

Dental technique

Dental artistry turned into a perfect smile

The dental laboratory is located vis-à-vis the Dental Experts clinic. It was built next to our clinic to ensure that patients can quickly and easily chat with the 12 dental technicians, who are part of the Dental Experts family. We are proud of dedicated specialists who are constantly undergoing recurrent courses.

The elements of modern equipment that create superior works in terms of appearance and functionality also come to our aid. The work is done in high-quality furnaces, which guarantee the long strength of the ceramics. Thus, the patient enjoys a result with optimal functionality and aesthetics exactly as he wanted.

Through a close collaboration with the patient, the technician has the opportunity to better understand his desires. Thus, we have the guarantee that the work is entirely to the patient’s liking and that any adjustment, repair or replacement is carried out in the shortest time, having quality control.

We have the best dental technicians, we pride ourselves on their craftsmanship and the fact that experience and dedication will always have its say.

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    Sunt de acord cu preluarea datelor cu caracter personal în vederea programării sau contactării mele de către DENTAL EXPERTS SRL. Pentru DENTAL EXPERTS SRL este foarte importantă protecția datelor cu caracter personal pe care ni le puneți la dispoziție, și de aceea, urmând procedura de conformare la Regulamentul nr/679/2016 al Comisiei Europene privind protecția datelor personale, pentru a vă putea transmite informațiile cerute de dumneavoastră sau a vă putea contacta, avem nevoie de consimțământul dumneavoastră explicit.

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